Why Seniors want to Stay in their Homes

Given the choice most seniors prefer to live in the comfortable surroundings of their own home. Sometimes the thought of moving and leaving behind fond memories, can bring on stress both emotionally and physically.

Moving out of your home can be overwhelming.

Every senior is different and has a unique set of reasons for wanting to stay in their homes, but there are a few reasons seniors want to stay in their homes.

Physical Stress of Moving

For many seniors, moving out of their family home into a senior living option, requires sorting through decades of keepsakes and possessions. They can hire a moving service, but friends and family may need to go through these items and arrange for storage or an estate sale.

Loss of Independence

In many cases a loved one feels that moving to senior living means a loss of independence. It may be challenging to change existing perceptions however, senior living communities have evolved from care facilities to places that encourage and empower their residents.

Leaving a familiar community

A move to senior living may mean changing familiar routines, and some seniors may worry that a move will further isolate them from friendships that have lasted their entire life.

Emotional attachment to family home

A house is just a house, but a home is something to be cherished. Leaving a physical structure that has encapsulated decades worth of memories and is the backdrop to family holidays and reunions can be emotional.

Fear of the Unknown

Seniors don’t know if a move to senior living will be worth the physical and emotional stress of the move. They worry about losing close relationships and being left out of family functions and social gatherings.

These concerns are valid and add to the emotionally stress of making a change. The good news is that for many seniors, moving to senior living is a very positive experience, improve quality and remove the risk factors of senior isolation.


If you choose to move to senior living there are advantages that may improve quality of like such as no more home maintenance and yard work, as many living communities feature maintained gardens and landscaping, keeping seniors off ladders and away from power tools. Meal preparation is offered by an in-house chef to assure proper nutrition with every meal.

Regular and emergency maintenance is just a phone call away and Promyse Home Care can offer additional help for seniors living in a retirement home.

Choosing to Stay at Home

When you choose to continue to stay in your own home, the caring team at Promyse can help with meal planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation. We assist you or your loved one with routine daily and weekly tasks that will enable them to stay in the place they call home.

Unique to Promyse Home Care is our Nurse Case Managers who will meet with you and your loved ones to determine initial needs and supports. Services provided by our Nurse Case Managers are at no additional charge. We will always be there for you as time goes on and as needs change. We will work with you and with your loved ones to make short-term and long-term care management plans for their in-home care needs.


Valuable Benefits of Home Care Services

Challenges of Moving from House to Retirement Home

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