Promyse Home Care Mission, Vision, Values & FAQs

Home Care for loved ones at home

When considering home care services for a loved one, understanding the company helps decide who to entrust with your loved one’s care. Promyse Home Care team of nurses & caregivers offers a wide range of home and healthcare services for those looking for the highest quality of professional & caring support. Mission: “To improve the […]

Taking Care of our Seniors’ Mental Health

Taking care of Seniors Mental Health

Our Seniors’ mental health is so important to nurture in a positive way. Statistics show that one in four seniors may experience depression, anxiety, or dementia. The number of seniors with mental illnesses may double by 2030. Depression is the most common mental health concern in older people. Unfortunately, two-thirds of seniors with mental health […]

The Benefits of In-Home Care Over a Nursing Home

The Benefits of In-Home Care Over a Nursing Home

When it comes to long-term care, you need to find the right balance of comfort and simplicity for your needs – and in-home care provides both! Aging, and the limitations that come with it, is a reality all of us must face. Whether you are considering long-term care options for a loved one or yourself, […]

The Significance of Foot Care for Senior Loved Ones

Foot Care for Seniors

Foot care for our senior loved ones is integral to their health. Taking care of their feet and checking for problems has many benefits. The importance of staying active Being able to walk easily is essential, especially for our senior loved ones, and walking is a great way to keep fit. Foot problems can quickly […]

Why Seniors want to Stay in their Homes

Seniors at home taking a walk

Given a choice, most seniors prefer to live in the comfortable surroundings of their own homes. Sometimes the thought of moving and leaving behind fond memories, can bring on stress both emotionally and physically. Moving out of your home can be overwhelming. There are unique reasons why seniors want to stay in their homes, but […]

Multi-Media Options for Senior Communication and Entertainment

Multi-Media Options for Senior Communication and Entertainment

Watching TV, listening to music, and engaging with social media software can be more than just a way for seniors to pass the time. Many of us tend to view consuming media such as TV and movies solely as a leisure activity that doesn’t have a whole lot of value. For seniors with high energy […]

5 Myths About Aging

5 Myths About Aging

Recognizing the difference between what is a normal aspect of aging and what is a troublesome symptom can be complicated. The assumption used to be that aging equalled a steady and predictable decline in our physical and mental abilities, but we have found that this is not always necessarily the case. Aging does not inevitably […]

What is the difference between Palliative Care and Hospice Care?

What is the difference between Palliative Care and Hospice Care?

Palliative care and hospice are different even though the terms are often compared as the same. Palliative care is specialized care to provide comfort and dignity for the person and the family living with the illness. If the illness is advanced, the goal is to offer the best quality of life for everyone involved. Some […]

Boosting Energy Levels for Seniors

boosting energy

Natural changes in the body as we age make it more strenuous to carry out tasks and activities that once seemed simple and effortless. This can present challenges for seniors as they find themselves with less energy to get through daily routines. As we grow older, the many changes that our bodies and lives are […]

Keeping Seniors Protected from Hypothermia

Canadian winters typically present a variety of challenges for the senior population. Harsh conditions and frigid temperatures can result in all kinds of problems and health risks for older adults. Seniors are generally more vulnerable to hypothermia due to the body no longer being able to hold heat as efficiently as well as underlying medical […]