Understanding Stroke Recovery

The months after a loved one experiences a stroke are often challenging. It’s a transition that requires a whole new outlook on care, routine and priorities.

Additionally, seeing an elderly loved one undergo physical and emotional change is painful for the whole family. The shock of a single stroke is difficult enough to deal with, but it is important for stroke survivors to be aware of the possibility of a second occurrence.

Immediate intervention, both physical and psychological, puts both stroke survivors and caretakers on the right path to recovery.

Stroke survivors need sympathetic support when dealing with the confusion of going through the frightening experience of a stroke. By understanding the physical and mental exhaustion linked with the recovery process, it will be easier to organize a practical plan for moving forward.

As your older loved one enters the healing phase after a stroke, keep an eye out for these common symptoms and stages. Know that there are plenty of innovative and affordable tools to assist with each symptom.

Helping with Difficulty Speaking and Communicating

Between 25 and 40% of stroke survivors experience a temporary loss of language due to their stroke. Your loved one has not lost any level of intelligence, even when their communication skills have temporarily decreased. Only the pathway to language has become blocked. To ease your loved one’s frustration with not being able to express their wants and needs, figure out simplified ways for them to communicate through simple phrases, images, or symbols.

Helping the Elderly Deal with Fatigue

The rehabilitation following a stroke can be frustrating for those in the best of health. Especially with the added effects of medication-related fatigue, emotional exhaustion becomes common and understandable during recovery. When rest fails to provide necessary energy for the day, it may be best to seek help.

The healthcare team at Promyse Home Care is there to help with the stroke recovery process. Our Personal Support Workers, managed by a Nurse Case Manager, deliver a high quality of care. We provide care according to the needs of your parent – from daily visits to around the clock care.

Helping with Emotional Effects of the Stroke

The shock and changes in your elderly loved one’s life can take a serious and immediate toll. It’s important to be patient and sympathetic with both yourself and your loved one. Many stroke survivors experience some sort of personality shift, due to both changes in the brain and the emotional weight of what has taken place. Remember that both the physical and emotional areas of the brain may have been affected by the stroke. Your loved one is still themselves, despite confusing changes.

Helping Loved Ones Stay Motivated

The mind is a powerful tool. Incorporate sentimental reminders and personal interests into your routine. Play your loved one’s favorite music during their rehabilitation time or exercises that involve writing or moving objects around a table. Organize favorite pieces of jewelry into a box, help cook a favorite meal, or play a game. This acts as a reminder that you are moving toward independence and normality with each day.
Promyse Home Care helps seniors in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge with –

Personal Care Services
Home Support and Housekeeping
Companion Care
• Coordination of Home Medical Management
• Communication and coordination with other healthcare professionals

Our team of compassionate caregivers is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We are committed to helping seniors regain their mobility, coordination, strength, and cognitive abilities after a stroke.

We will meet with your parent, their caregivers, and their healthcare team to develop a plan to meet their specific health needs.

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