Nurse Case Management for Personalized Home Care

Do you have an aging relative that wants to continue living at home but is struggling with daily routines and/or health issues?

The continually expanding population of seniors in Canada suggests that chances are pretty good that you do. In fact, most people will end up providing some form of home care at some point in their lives for a senior family member.

Family Caregivers

Family caregivers provide a tremendous amount of support for older family members already, but it can be difficult to shoulder the entire burden alone. Health status and home care assistance needs for seniors can change in the blink of an eye. All it takes is one injury or a sudden onset of an aliment, and your loved one’s need for assistance can increase dramatically.

When this shift does occur, it puts extra pressure and stress on everyone involved. This problem can be solved with the assistance of a Nurse Case Manager at Promyse Home Care.

Promyse Home Care – Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Promyse Home Care is a professional home care agency made up of thoroughly experienced industry specialists dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to seniors and their families in the comfort of home. 

This wealth of experience has led to the development of a diverse range of home care services that can be tailored to the individual needs of older adults that want to keep living at home independently.

Nurse Case Management

Whatever your home care situation may be, a nurse case manager can help you figure out the best home care plan for you and your loved one.

Getting Started

To get the ball rolling, a free consultation can be arranged with a registered Promyse Care nurse. During this initial assessment you will have the chance to raise any questions or concerns you may have about home care.

Needs & Personal Preferences

Goals and objectives will also be laid out, and then your specific home care needs and personal preferences will help map out the best route to get there.

Nurse Case Management Services

Some of the services you can expect from nurse case management include:

  • Initial nurse consultation
  • Customized home care plan
  • Regular assessments and reviews to ensure your plan continues to be effective
  • Monitoring overall health for changes or complications
  • Immediate response for requested additional care
  • Assistance with medical supplies and equipment
  • Ongoing communication with family members and other health care professionals
  • Ongoing support – 24-hour help line for emergencies and questions

Just as all the home care services available to you are completely customizable, so too are case management benefits. Management services can be extremely helpful in ensuring your home care plan continues to deliver the best possible results.

Just having easily accessible support available whenever you may need it can offer great peace of mind.

Benefits of Nurse Case Management

There are plenty of advantages to having your home care plan overseen by a Promyse Care registered nurse.

Some of the greatest benefits include:

  • System navigation
  • Attention to detail
  • Open and ongoing communication and support

System Navigation

A nurse case manager is an ideal way to get a view of the big picture when it comes to establishing your home care plan. Home care is about more than just helping with daily tasks and treating health issues. Although these two areas of concern will certainly be covered, nurse case managers can also help with other matters and develop a comprehensive approach to make sure all areas and bases are covered. 

This can include:

  • Medication management
  • Food services and nutrition
  • Housing options
  • Community and social programs that may be beneficial

Nutrition is extremely important for seniors to get the energy they need for daily tasks and activities and to help prevent serious health issues. An unhealthy diet can quickly contribute to a range of chronic health conditions.

Medication management is also crucial for seniors that are taking multiple prescriptions at the same time to ensure medications are taken properly and are providing the intended benefits. 

Attention to Detail

Nurse case managers have an abundance of experience in all things home care. They have seen it all before and will know of services and care options that you may not have considered. This can help minimize the pressure of having to make crucial care decisions for people that may not have much experience with or exposure to home care services.

Open and Ongoing Communication

To make the most of your home care plan, nurse case managers will coordinate with other health care professionals and any family members that wish to be involved, to provide optimal care. Open communication is essential to home care efficiency to ensure there are no conflicting strategies or practices in place.

Continued monitoring of the situation helps prevent problems before they start, to minimize stress and maximize results.

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