Can you Hear Me

Can you Hear Me

Imagine if you awoke one day and realized that you could no longer hear your favourite songs, the sound of your grandchildren laughing, the nuances of your regular tv shows, or even inside jokes shared with your closest friends. Approximately one in three older adults have hearing loss, but many don’t want to admit it, […]

Reducing Risks of Falling for Seniors

Senior Fall Protection in Kitchener-Waterloo

While you may not be able to always stop a senior from falling, you can take some steps to help reduce the risk. Not only are seniors more prone to falling, but they are also more susceptible to fall-related injuries such as a broken hip or head trauma. Should your loved one need care after […]

Why is Pneumonia More Dangerous for Seniors

Senior with Pneumonia being cared for by doctor in Kitchener-Waterloo

What is Pneumonia? Pneumonia is a type of lung infection  that causes inflammation in the air sacs of one or both lungs. This inflammation results in the air sacs filling up with pus or fluid. This build up of fluid can make breathing more difficult as the lungs struggle to function effectively. When the lungs […]

Why is Communication in Health Care so Important?

Nurse Case Management

Effective and open communication is extremely important for patients, caregivers, and other health care professionals. Good communication is necessary for any group or collaborative situation, but it is critical when it comes to health and wellbeing.Lack of communication can lead to all sorts of problems or complications, such as: Unattended symptoms Incorrect diagnoses Conflicting or […]

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