The Benefits of In-Home Care Over a Nursing Home

The Benefits of In-Home Care Over a Nursing Home

When it comes to long-term care, you need to find the right balance of comfort and simplicity for your needs – and in-home care provides both! Aging, and the limitations that come with it, is a reality all of us must face. Whether you are considering long-term care options for a loved one or yourself, […]

The Significance of Foot Care for Senior Loved Ones

Foot Care for Seniors

Foot care for our senior loved ones is integral to their health. Taking care of their feet and checking for problems has many benefits. The importance of staying active Being able to walk easily is essential, especially for our senior loved ones, and walking is a great way to keep fit. Foot problems can quickly […]

How to Eat and Be Healthy After a Stroke

How to Eat and Be Healthy After a Stroke

After suffering a stroke, it might be harder to get all the nutrients you need. Your healthcare provider can assure you are getting good nutrition. Healthy eating can improve your health and reduce your risk of having another stroke. There may be conditions that make it difficult to eat and drink, such as: These challenges […]

Why Seniors want to Stay in their Homes

Seniors at home taking a walk

Given a choice, most seniors prefer to live in the comfortable surroundings of their own homes. Sometimes the thought of moving and leaving behind fond memories, can bring on stress both emotionally and physically. Moving out of your home can be overwhelming. There are unique reasons why seniors want to stay in their homes, but […]

5 Myths About Aging

5 Myths About Aging

Recognizing the difference between what is a normal aspect of aging and what is a troublesome symptom can be complicated. The assumption used to be that aging equalled a steady and predictable decline in our physical and mental abilities, but we have found that this is not always necessarily the case. Aging does not inevitably […]

Gardening is therapy for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Gardening is therapy for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

At any age, gardening is a wonderful outdoor activity. Senses are stimulated as we connect with nature and we are rewarded with colourful flowers, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Gardening also has many mental and physical benefits to people with Alzheimer’s. Research indicates engaging all the senses provides positive emotions that those with Alzheimer’s may no […]

Seniors and Sexual Health

Seniors and sexual health

Sexuality and sexual health are significant features of our lives, but the taboo that surrounds the topics of sex and sexuality is intensified to an even greater extent when it comes to seniors. In this day and age, there is greater openness and willingness to have important conversations regarding sexuality, sexual expression, and sexual health […]

Senior Health Benefits of Following a Daily Routine

senior-daily routine

Humans are creatures of habit, and we all tend to follow regular routines that help get us through the demands and challenges of everyday life. The tasks we choose on a daily basis have a significant impact on our health and well-being. Of course, there are many tasks that are not really optional, like work, […]

Occupational Therapy for Seniors

Senior Fall Protection in Kitchener-Waterloo

Aging presents an array of changes and challenges that impact our capacity to take part in everyday tasks in the same way we did when we were younger. Seniors often find it difficult on both an emotional and a physical level to accept these changes and all that comes with them. Having to forego participation […]

What are the Symptoms and Warning Signs of a Heart Attack?

Symptoms of a heart attack

You may have seen a heart attack occurring in the movies, with the victim violently clutching at their chest followed by a dramatic fall to the ground. However, the symptoms of a heart attack are often much more subtle, and it is not always immediately apparent what is happening. There are certain signs to watch […]