Why Seniors want to Stay in their Homes

Seniors at home taking a walk

Given a choice, most seniors prefer to live in the comfortable surroundings of their own homes. Sometimes the thought of moving and leaving behind fond memories, can bring on stress both emotionally and physically. Moving out of your home can be overwhelming. There are unique reasons why seniors want to stay in their homes, but […]

Preventing Pressure Sores for Seniors

Senior Home Care - Bed Sores

Pressure sores, also known as bed sores or pressure ulcers, are often painful and can potentially lead to more serious health conditions. What are pressure sores? Pressure ulcers are typically caused by soft tissue, like skin, being pressed against a hard surface for an elongated period of time. Pressure sores are more prevalent in older […]

How Can End of Life Care Help Your Loved One?

End of Life Care

Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can be difficult to come to terms with, for patients as well as their families. In most cases it is a family member that ends up taking on the majority of the responsibility in providing the necessary assistance and support required in these types of situations. Quality end of […]

Importance of Overnight Care for Seniors

Senior Overnight Care

Overnight care can be extremely beneficial for seniors for a variety of reasons. Everyone knows about the importance of a good night sleep for maintaining health and to have energy to carry out daily tasks and activities. However, an uninterrupted night of sleep can become more difficult to achieve with age. Trouble Sleeping for Seniors […]

Handling the Transition to Long Term Care

Home Care Transition

The decision to transition an aging loved one into long term care can be a difficult and involved process. Many factors will likely come into play when making such a complicated and serious decision.  What is Long Term Care? Long term care is fairly complex term that can involve a variety of care scenarios. Basically […]

Beating the Summer Heat and Avoiding Heat Stroke

Summer walk with Senior - Home Care

Summer heat in southern Ontario is stretching into late September, and even early October in recent years, and it is important for seniors to stay protected against the hazards of the harsh sun. Aside from the hot weather extending into what used to be the fall, the sun itself has also become a lot more […]

Coping with Knee Pain for Seniors

Senior Knee Pain

Knee Pain in Seniors Knee pain and discomfort is generally par for the course as we grow older. This is often a result of a variety of factors, such as gravity, time, and extensive use. All of these factors are compounded with age from many years of built up strain and impact. By the time […]

Healthy Practices for Managing Arthritis

Arthritis in hands

Arthritis is a blanket term, used to describe over 100 strains of the disease, that is typified by inflammation of the joints or other parts of the body. Inflammation generally causes pain, swelling, and stiffness, and can lead to other more serious health problems. Arthritis is currently the most prevalent chronic health condition in Canada, […]

Approaching End-Of-Life-Conversations

Dealing with End of Life

Avoiding uncomfortable conversations concerning death and end-of-life arrangements is a natural aspect of human behaviour. The main focus tends to be on enjoying the time that we do have left to spend in the company of our loved ones. While this may seem like a practical approach, and certainly a more pleasant one, it is […]

Assisting Seniors with Medication Management

Senior Medication Management

New challenges and concerns are typically just over the horizon at any given time for older adults, as the risk for injury and illness continues to increase with age. As various health issues begin to emerge, consultations with doctors and healthcare professionals often lead to recommendations for things like lifestyle changes, cutting out unhealthy behaviours […]


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