Winter activities for seniors in Kitchener-Waterloo

Seniors who enjoy getting out for a walk in the warm sunshine, spending time in the garden, or engaging in other warm weather activities may find it challenging to remain entertained and inspired in the colder winter months. There are so many things to do outside when the weather is warm, and seniors often find themselves more motivated to participate in outdoor activities when they don’t have to bundle up in layers of clothing just to get in the car. That being said, there is host of reasons to enjoy the wintertime, despite the challenges it may present.

The winter provides a nice excuse to get cozied up inside with blankets, a roaring fire, and a nice hot drink and also creates an opportunity for seniors to explore new games and hobbies to try indoors.

Winter Indoor Activities for Seniors

While the winter shouldn’t strictly prevent seniors from spending time outside, it can make it difficult to find the motivation to venture out in sub-zero temperatures for something to do. This may result in older adults seeking out various indoor activities to pass the time, stay active, and prevent boredom.

  • Board and Card Games: Sitting at the kitchen table with friends and family playing a game of cards or a board game everyone enjoys can be a great source of indoor fun. Just sitting around chatting, sharing some laughs, and playing a fun game can be a great social opportunity for seniors and can bring people together to enjoy an activity that is manageable for everyone in the winter.
  • Bowling: Bowling can be a great winter activity that allows for ample chatting time, some good physical activity, and an indoor setting that helps shut out the winter cold. Bowling uses some muscles that are typically not used on a daily basis, so it is a good idea to do a little stretching to limber up at home first to be safe and avoid injury.
  • Yoga: Yoga is a great, low-impact activity that seniors can do at home or out in the community. Whether it be a class with friends or a solo practice at home, yoga can be a great activity for seniors who want to keep active but stay calm and warm inside. Yoga is an exceptional activity for seniors to improve strength, flexibility, and balance while reducing aches, pains, stress, and sleep problems.
  • Video Games: Today’s seniors are more tech-savvy than ever in a lot of cases, and many seniors enjoy playing games on systems such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, or even tablets and smartphones. While spending all day in front of the screen playing might not be the best idea, a few hours spent playing a puzzle game, having a digital adventure, or even playing virtual golf can be great ways for seniors to forget the cold weather outside. Video games can also provide a good means for mental stimulation and improving reaction time.
  • Reading: Cozy evenings spent inside keeping warm present many opportunities to pick up a book to escape or learn something new. Trips to the library can also make for a good outings requiring minimal time out in the cold. Books are excellent for keeping the mind active and gaining new knowledge.
  • Classes: The winter presents a timely chance to take a class and learn a new skill. Seniors with interest in learning to draw, play an instrument, take up a new sport, learn a new language, or take an academic or training class have plenty of options. An incredibly diverse range of classes and courses are offered online, many of which are free or of minimal cost.
  • Groups and Clubs: Seniors who want a good opportunity to get social can find a wide selection of clubs and groups to join for just about any interest they may have. There are support groups to talk about shared experiences, book clubs to talk about recent reads, cultural groups for people with shared language or history, and so much more that seniors can enjoy in the winter, and all year round for that matter.

The activities available to seniors span a broad range of interests and abilities to provide entertainment, social interaction, mental stimulation, and physical exercise while the weather is cold.

Winter Outdoor Options for Seniors

Seniors who are not fond of the cold can succeed in avoiding the chill of winter with so many options for indoor recreation. On the other hand, some seniors may enjoy brief ventures outside to appreciate the beauty that winter does offer.

Many older adults can still enjoy walks outside in the winter as long as they are properly bundled up. More active seniors might even participate in things like skating, skiing, or snow-shoeing, and it is recommended to choose winter activities that are well-suited to mobility and comfort level.

Winter presents an array of challenges, but there many opportunities as well to keep seniors busy and amused, and before you know it the sun is out and the warm weather has returned.


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