How to Find Homecare for Seniors

Seniors with medical conditions can often stay in the comfort of their own homes longer when they have some support.

Several community services are available to support seniors who require additional care in their homes. It may be providing hot or frozen, tasty and nutritious meals delivered by caring volunteers from Meals on Wheels to help you to stay healthy in your own home.

Older adults can connect with local programs and services that provide support, health care, and recreational and social opportunities designed for seniors through the Health Line in the Waterloo Region or if you live in other areas of Ontario.

There is also help to pay for prescriptions and/or medical supplies when you qualify for the Ontario Drug Benefit program.

How to arrange home care and community services

Local Health Integration Networks arrange all government-funded services for people living at home. LHIN decides who receives care, the level of care you need, and for how long. If you qualify for funding, the Ontario government will pay for various services in your home and community. If you don’t qualify for funding, other community support services often offer a client co-payment plan. 

You can also get help from private companies.

Promyse Home Care is available in Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge and provides nurse-managed in-home care services that will assist your senior loved ones to stay in the comfort of their home. Our care plans are customized and designed to meet your individual preferences and personal needs for you and delivered by compassionate, friendly, professional caregivers.

Types of services in your home

Nursing Care

Promyse Home Nurse Case Managers meet with you and your loved ones and discuss the needs and support your loved one will require. There is no additional cost for this service.

Our nursing care could include medication management, palliative care services, diabetes management, and recovery from an injury. 

All Promyse Home Care nurses are registered with the CNO (College of Nurses, Ontario), have up-to-date skills and are fully bonded and insured.

Personal Care

For seniors with mobility or varying disabilities, personal care activities such as bathing, grooming and dressing may become difficult without assistance. You can arrange for help with your daily care or help you safely manage these activities yourself.

Home Support

When the goal is to stay in a safe and healthy living environment, daily tasks such as preparing nutritious meals, housekeeping, laundry, and errands are important. To help maintain a safe and comfortable home, home support services can assist you with routine household activities.

Companion Care

Some senior loved ones may be living alone without a family nearby to visit as often as they would like to, and isolation could become a concern. Loneliness can bring on many other issues, such as problems sleeping, depression, and lack of mobility.

Resource: Dealing with Isolation and Loneliness for Seniors

Our Companion Services are customized to the needs of your loved one and may include the following:

  • Interactive and stimulating activities
  • taking them to appointments and outings
  • going shopping for groceries
  • preparing light meals or supervising meal prep

Promyse Home Nurse Case Managers will identify the goals of care and select a companion for you or your loved one with whom you can develop a long-lasting, meaningful relationship.

Rest assured; we will be there for you and your loved one as time goes on and as needs change. We will work with you and your loved ones to make short-term and long-term care management plans for their in-home care needs.

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