Benefits of 24-hour Care for Senior Loved Ones

If you were to ask your senior loved one if they would rather live in assisted living or their own home – chances are the answer would always be to stay in their own home amongst familiar surroundings and years of memories.

As our loved ones age, their care may change, and it may be more challenging for them to continue necessary personal care or home care as when they were younger. For seniors recovering from an injury or experiencing symptoms of Dementia, having additional care could make staying in their home possible for a more extended period.

Suppose a family member is a primary caregiver. In that case, it may become challenging to be there daily or if additional care is required, especially if they live farther away or work full time. Having support and assistance from a home care agency can relieve the stress for caregivers and seniors.

Personal Care and Home Support are excellent alternatives for having assistance during the day with your loved one’s basic needs and comforts. The team at Promyse Home Care will assist you or your loved one with routine daily and weekly tasks that will enable them to stay where they call home.

With Live-in home care, a caregiver stays in a senior’s home for one or more 24-hour periods a week to ease the burden of worry and anxiety off your shoulders, knowing that our live-in caregiver is always there to respond to emergencies and provide good companionship. You might choose traditional 24-hour care (around-the-clock care), where the caregiver is awake at all times. This 24-hour care means other caregivers rotate 8-hour shifts so that someone is always awake and alert to help your loved one.

Here are more benefits of 24-hour care for your Loved Ones

Comprehensive medical care: 24-hour nursing care ensures seniors receive round-the-clock medical attention and care from licensed nurses trained to handle medical emergencies, administer medications, and provide other medical treatments as needed.

Enhanced safety: Seniors who require 24-hour care may have mobility or cognitive issues that put them at risk for falls or other accidents. 24-hour nursing care provides a safe environment for seniors and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries.

Improved quality of life: Seniors who receive 24-hour nursing care can enjoy a higher quality of life because their physical, emotional, and social needs are met consistently. This can include assistance with activities of daily living, companionship, social interaction, and mental stimulation.

Greater peace of mind for family members: When seniors receive 24-hour nursing care, family members can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are receiving the care they need, even when they cannot be present themselves.

Professional supervision: 24-hour nursing care ensures that seniors receive professional supervision, which can prevent medication errors, missed appointments, and other issues that can arise when seniors are left on their own.

Customized care plans: 24-hour nursing care can be designed to meet the unique needs of each senior. This can include specialized care for chronic conditions, physical therapy, and other treatments to improve health and well-being.

At Promyse Home Care, our team is carefully screened for their training, knowledge, and experience and selected for their care and compassion. You can rest assured that the caregiver assigned to you will be qualified, professional, and carefully matched to your needs and preferences. 

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