Advantages of Meals on Wheels for Seniors

Many Meals on Wheels is an excellent service that can be beneficial for a wide range of people. It is a great option for people that have no time or interest in cooking, or for older adults that can benefit from the convenience and nutritional value of prepared meals. This program was first started by local church groups, and now offers it services to more than 180 communities in Ontario alone.

The purpose of the Meals on Wheels program is to provide hot and nutritious meals to people that have difficulty getting the sustenance and nutrients they need on their own. Accommodations can even be made for special dietary requirements. A lot of older adults undergo daily struggles with mobility issues or other health conditions that make preparing healthy meals on a regular basis difficult.

Amazing Benefits of Meals on Wheels for Seniors

There are a range of advantages that ordering meals through Meals on Wheels can provide for older adults including:
• Convenience
• Nutrition
• Cuts down on errands
• A little social interaction
• Affordability


Perhaps the most important benefit this service offers older adults is convenience. Every day, hot meals are made fresh and delivered right to the door. The only effort required is unwrapping the meal eating. It is that simple. Being able to count on delicious meals delivered at home, can help relieve the stress and strain of worrying about a full stomach and the nutrients needed to maintain a good level of health.


Maintaining a healthy diet is massively important for older adults that want to keep living an independent lifestyle. The importance of nutrition cannot be overstated. Nutrients are the building blocks that give us the energy to carry out daily functions and ward off illness and disease.

Not getting the daily required vitamins and minerals can have serious health effects if neglected for too long. Eating too much processed food high in fat, sugar, and sodium can lead to an array of severe health issues, like:
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Obesity
• Type 2 diabetes
• Cardiovascular disease

Meals on Wheels dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients to help seniors get the wholesome nourishment they require to carry out daily tasks and activities.

Cuts Down on Errands

Seniors that live alone may not get as many visitors or house guests as they would like for some social activity. When meals are delivered regularly it gives the recipient some face-to-face interaction with the delivery person. Even just a small amount of in-person social contact can help older adults feel less isolated.

Studies done on the effects of Meals on Wheels delivery for seniors, indicated that these interactions had a positive impact on moods, and many seniors appreciated and looked forward to those daily visits.


Of course, there are many services that deliver food directly to your door, but some are outrageously expensive and don’t provide good value. Fees for the Meals on Wheels delivery service cater specifically to people on a tight budget. This ensures that older adults that use the service are getting good value, as well as hot, nutritious meals.

This all contributes to reduced stress for seniors, no longer having to worry about the hassle of shopping and cooking, and getting the nutrients they need for a consistent, affordable cost.

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