Taking Care of our Seniors’ Mental Health

Taking care of Seniors Mental Health

Our Seniors’ mental health is so important to nurture in a positive way. Statistics show that one in four seniors may experience depression, anxiety, or dementia. The number of seniors with mental illnesses may double by 2030. Depression is the most common mental health concern in older people. Unfortunately, two-thirds of seniors with mental health […]

The Importance of Pet Therapy for Seniors

The Importance of Pet Therapy for Seniors

The important role pets can play in improving the quality of life for seniors should not be underestimated. Navigating the many changes and challenges that arise with age can be stressful, so exploring and discovering sources of calm and joy can make a meaningful difference in how seniors experience their lives in older age. Finding […]

Negative Health Impacts of Boredom for Seniors

Impacts of Boredom on Seniors - Kitchener-Waterloo

Boredom is a feeling that we all experience at one time or another, but feeling bored and under-stimulated too often can be harmful to health and wellbeing long-term. Being bored sometimes is a natural part of life for the average individual. The very nature of life requires a high level of steady maintenance for continued […]