How to choose an in-home Healthcare Provider

How to choose an in-home Healthcare Provider

At some point in time, you and your family may call in additional support for the senior members of your family. When looking at in-home care options, it’s essential to feel safe, comfortable, and independent. The right home care provider will give you and your loved ones all the aspects of home, companion, and, if […]

Cannabis and Seniors

Cannabis and Seniors

The prevalence of cannabis use among older adults (aged 65 and above) for recreational and medicinal purposes has significantly increased in recent years. Information regarding the safety of cannabis in this population is important since aging is associated with metabolic changes, multiple morbidities, increases in prescription medication use, and an overall decline in functioning. The […]

Seniors and Sexual Health

Seniors and sexual health

Sexuality and sexual health are significant features of our lives, but the taboo that surrounds the topics of sex and sexuality is intensified to an even greater extent when it comes to seniors. In this day and age, there is greater openness and willingness to have important conversations regarding sexuality, sexual expression, and sexual health […]

Keeping Seniors Safe From Scams

seniors and scams

Technological advancements are continually on the rise, providing easier access to information as well as a variety of new platforms for convenient communication. However, this also introduces new complications and potential threats if not used with caution and discretion. Opportunities for Connection These new ways to connect with one another can help us maintain important […]

Keeping Seniors Safe from Falls

Senior fall prevention - Kitchener-Waterloo

Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury for seniors in Canada and the damaging repercussions that a fall can have on quality of life can be significant. Every year 1 in 3 seniors across the country are injured in a slip and fall accident which can impact their ability to sustain an […]