Coping with Palliative Respite Care Guilt

a Happy Senior Woman

The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association has deemed May 5th to 11th National Hospice Palliative Care Week. The purpose of creating awareness is to help people and their loved ones maintain a good quality of life through every stage of illness. It can be a challenging time for everyone involved, and often, the family caregivers […]

Caregivers Need a Vacation Too

Caregivers need a vacation too!

Family caregivers provide a massive amount of support for older family members all across Canada. When people reach a certain age, they often require assistance with tasks that were once not a problem to handle alone. In this situation, it is typical for a family member in close proximity to help out with daily routines […]

Is Palliative Care in Ontario Free

Is Palliative Care in Ontario Free

In Ontario, there is no cost for palliative care medical services for patients in their homes, hospices, or hospitals. Because it is publicly funded, if you qualify for OHIP and need to be in a hospital, hospice, or long-term care home, palliative care services are provided. Home care is also publicly funded by the Home and Community Care […]

How Osteoporosis Affects Seniors

How Osteoporosis Affects Seniors

It’s likely that more than 200 million people are living with osteoporosis, a medical condition marked by having fragile bones. This condition is especially common among older women, and it can be dangerous. Since seniors are at greater risk of this disease, it’s important to learn how to prevent or manage osteoporosis. What Is Osteoporosis? […]

Understanding Options for End of Life Care

end of life care

It is essential for seniors and their caregivers to understand end-of-life care options, like hospice or palliative choices. Sometimes life ends unexpectedly. But for many seniors, the end of life comes with warning signs and happens slowly. Although difficult to discuss, it is crucial for seniors and their caregivers to understand their options. Main Types […]

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