Effective Memory Exercises for Early-Stage Dementia

A woman with dementia playing a board game with a grandchild

Worried about a loved one and wondering if it might be dementia? It’s a difficult situation, but you’re not alone. This guide offers information about the common early signs of dementia. It aims to help you understand what to look for, how to talk to your loved one with care, and the importance of seeking a professional diagnosis.

The impact of music on Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's Disease and Music

The Importance of Music for People with Alzheimer’s Hearing just a few bars of a familiar song can be powerful enough to take our minds to other places by bringing about feelings of nostalgia, calling up memories of the past, and evoking multi-faceted and meaningful sets of emotions.  Interacting with music, particularly music that is […]

How to Eat and Be Healthy After a Stroke

How to Eat and Be Healthy After a Stroke

After suffering a stroke, it might be harder to get all the nutrients you need. Your healthcare provider can assure you are getting good nutrition. Healthy eating can improve your health and reduce your risk of having another stroke. There may be conditions that make it difficult to eat and drink, such as: These challenges […]

5 Myths About Aging

5 Myths About Aging

Recognizing the difference between what is a normal aspect of aging and what is a troublesome symptom can be complicated. The assumption used to be that aging equalled a steady and predictable decline in our physical and mental abilities, but we have found that this is not always necessarily the case. Aging does not inevitably […]

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