Assisting Seniors with Medication Management

Senior Medication Management

New challenges and concerns are typically just over the horizon at any given time for older adults as the risk for injury and illness increases. As various health issues emerge, consultations with doctors and healthcare professionals often lead to recommendations for things like lifestyle changes, cutting out unhealthy behaviours and habits, and exercise programs. Prescription […]

When Seniors Refuse Medication

When Seniors Refuse Medication

There are many reasons why our elderly neglect to take their drugs properly. The most common cause is that they forget, which seems innocent enough. Medication can be a doubtful advantage for both seniors and their caregivers. There can be side effects and reasons seniors put up a fight. On average senior takes about seven […]

Travelling with Elderly Parents

Seniors travelling and having a wonderful time

Continuing to go on adventures, explore new places, or visit favourite spots can be incredibly enriching, enjoyable, and exciting for seniors as they age. Travelling with seniors typically involves a few extra considerations to ensure everything goes smoothly. Whether your parents want to travel to visit family and friends or just to explore and have […]

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