Senior Falls in Canada

A senior who fell

November is National Fall Awareness Month, and according to a report by the Government of Canada, falls are the leading cause of injury among older Canadians, with 20-30% of seniors experiencing one or more falls yearly. Falls cause 85% of seniors’ injury-related hospitalizations, 95% of all hip fractures, $2 billion a year in direct healthcare costs, […]

Keeping Seniors Safe from Falls

Seniors can be at risk for Seniors

Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury for seniors in Canada, and the damaging repercussions of a fall on the quality of life can be significant. Every year 1 in 3 seniors across the country are injured in a slip and fall accident which can impact their ability to sustain an independent […]

Keeping our Senior Loved Ones on their Feet

Keeping our Senior Loved Ones on their Feet

Among Canadian seniors, falls remain the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations and between 20% and 30% of seniors fall each year, with the numbers rising. Falls and associated outcomes harm the injured individuals and affect family, friends, care providers and the health care system. Falls can lead to negative mental health outcomes such as fear […]

Peace of Mind with 24-hour Care for Seniors

Peace of Mind with 24-hour Care for Seniors

Having someone there to deal with issues that may arise overnight or provide companionship and support can make a huge difference. Everyone knows the value of a good night’s sleep for our health and having the energy to carry out daily tasks and activities. As we get older, an uninterrupted night of sleep can become […]

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