Lecanemab: A Glimmer of Hope in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

a brain surrounded by lecanemab pills

Alzheimer’s disease can feel overwhelmingly bleak, affecting both those living with it and their family members.  For years, treatments have focused mainly on managing symptoms, but a new Alzheimer’s drug called Lecanemab is changing the conversation. Could this be the first glimmer of hope in slowing down this relentless disease? Understanding Lecanemab: An Antibody Therapy […]

Getting Involved with Dementia Research

Illustration of a senior woman walking out of a medical facility

Navigating life with dementia, whether it’s your own journey or that of a loved one, can feel like an uphill battle. But there’s a silver lining – becoming a part of dementia research. This proactive step not only gives you access to the latest treatments but also positions you as a crucial contributor to future […]

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