How to Prepare your home for Seniors after Surgery

after surgery care

It can be overwhelming for family caregivers and loved ones assisting seniors in thinking about all the things that must be done when preparing for a return from surgery. The first thing to remember is that support and assistance are always available from services like Promyse Home Care. Having professional help to address questions and […]

At Home Care for Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s

caring for Alzheimer's at home

Keeping your loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia safe at home may sometimes be overwhelming. There is help for your loved one and you and your family. Remaining at home with Alzheimer’s has been shown to help our loved ones stay healthier and happier and live longer. When looking after a loved one that you are close […]

Why In-Home Nursing and Post-Retirement professionals are the Best Choices

In-Home nursing and post-retirement professionals

Are you or a loved one considering in-home post-retirement or nursing care? Our Promyse Home Care professional caregivers will be able to give you the best care! What qualifies an in-home care professional to provide you or a loved one with the best care possible?  All our in-home care professionals are medically trained, and many […]

The Benefits of In-Home Care Over a Nursing Home

The Benefits of In-Home Care Over a Nursing Home

When it comes to long-term care, you need to find the right balance of comfort and simplicity for your needs – and in-home care provides both! Aging, and the limitations that come with it, is a reality all of us must face. Whether you are considering long-term care options for a loved one or yourself, […]

The Significance of Foot Care for Senior Loved Ones

Foot Care for Seniors

Foot care for our senior loved ones is integral to their health. Taking care of their feet and checking for problems has many benefits. The importance of staying active Being able to walk easily is essential, especially for our senior loved ones, and walking is a great way to keep fit. Foot problems can quickly […]

The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers

The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers

When you are the caregiver for a loved one without support or community programs, it may be challenging and can often be overwhelming. The International Self-Care Day, 24 July, symbolizes the benefits of self-care work 24 hours a day, every day. The benefits of self-care do not just relate to a single day. Having a […]

Understanding Options for End of Life Care

end of life care

It is essential for seniors and their caregivers to understand end-of-life care options, like hospice or palliative choices. Sometimes life ends unexpectedly. But for many seniors, the end of life comes with warning signs and happens slowly. Although difficult to discuss, it is crucial for seniors and their caregivers to understand their options. Main Types […]

Coping with Caregiver Guilt

Coping with Caregiver Guilt

Guilt is a far too common emotion for a lot of caregivers. Especially for family caregivers, guilt can be both a motivating factor and an immobilizing deterrent. Guilt often occurs when there is a discrepancy between idealized ambitions and actual outcomes. Even more often, these feelings of guilt are irrational and unreasonable. It is the […]

3 Tips for Including Loved Ones with Dementia in Family Gatherings

3 Tips to Include Loved Ones with Dementia in Family Gatherings

As we age, participating in social activities can become more demanding and stressful. When dementia is added into the mix, it can become even more challenging. Ideally, we want to be able to include our loved ones in family gatherings for as long as possible. Those with dementia often still enjoy being social, and the […]

Practicing Self-Care for Caregivers

Practicing Self-Care for Caregivers

Anyone that has provided care for an aging family member knows that it can be a very rewarding, yet exhausting, endeavour. In order to continue to be effective, caregivers must engage in self-care practices or they run the risk of needing medical care and assistance themselves. What is Self-Care? Self-care is getting heavy exposure these […]