Embracing a New Chapter: Finding Purpose in Later Life

Seniors Socializing over a healthy dinner

Entering the later stages of life is a profound experience, bringing both beauty and emotional challenges. Seniors may grapple with a sense of aimlessness or uncertainty about the path ahead.  Significant life shifts like retirement, an empty nest, and losing loved ones can have them feeling adrift. Addressing these feelings and rediscovering purpose through exploration, […]

August Activities for Seniors in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge

Victoria Park in Kitchener Ontario

Outdoor Activities On days when the weather is not too hot and humid is a great time to explore the beautiful parks and green spaces in and around Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. It is relaxing and stimulating for seniors and the whole family.  Attractions in Kitchener Waterloo Attractions in Cambridge Guided Garden Tours Festivals and […]

How to Care for a Loved one at Home after a Stroke

care after a stroke for seniors

There is life – and hope – after a stroke. With time, new routines will become second nature. Rehabilitation can build your strength, capability, and confidence. It can help you continue your daily activities despite the effects of your stroke. When you are the primary caregiver for at-home care for a loved one who has […]

Sharing the Holidays with our Senior Loved Ones

Family together on the holidays

The holidays are a busy and exciting time for people of all ages! Sometimes it can be more difficult for our seniors. Cold weather can keep our seniors indoors, making it possible for isolation, loneliness and even depression. With so much happening, we want to keep our senior loved ones in the festivities as much […]

What is the difference between Palliative Care and Hospice Care?

What is the difference between Palliative Care and Hospice Care?

Palliative care and hospice are different even though the terms are often compared as the same. Palliative care is specialized care to provide comfort and dignity for the person and the family living with the illness. If the illness is advanced, the goal is to offer the best quality of life for everyone involved. Some […]

Boosting Energy Levels for Seniors

boosting energy

Natural changes in the body as we age make it more strenuous to carry out tasks and activities that once seemed simple and effortless. This can present challenges for seniors as they find themselves with less energy to get through daily routines. As we grow older, the many changes that our bodies and lives are […]

Intergenerational Relationships Can Offer Significant Benefits for Seniors


As we progress through the various stages of life, we build relationships with others who tend to share similar interests and experiences. For this reason, it often ends up that our friends and strong relationships develop within the bounds of our generation or at least within the same general age group. While our social circles […]

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