Stay Active, Connected, and Safe

June is the month we Celebrate Seniors in Ontario

The theme is Stay Active, Stay Connected, and Stay Safe

It’s a time when we recognize our amazing older Ontarians and the contributions they have made and continue to.

How do seniors contribute to our communities?

They shop, use services, and pay taxes. Seniors have more time now that they are retired and to fill those hours become amazing volunteers that many organizations would be amiss without. Seniors make more charitable donations per capita than any other age group.

What would happen if there were no grandparents available to look after grandchildren. How many parents would have to scramble to find other care options or would have to miss work because they could not find alternatives?

Seniors provide care for spouses or friends. For seniors who are couples when one becomes more dependent, the other part of the couple takes on more and more responsibilities in and outside the home. They become the primary caregiver getting groceries, running errands, cooking, and getting them to medical appointments.

Celebrating Seniors in Ontario

We give thanks to all the seniors in our community for all they do for others and for providing a well-rounded community for everyone to live in. You deserve to be celebrated!

The following is information for this year’s theme – Stay Active. Stay Connected. Stay Safe.

Stay active: Get information on programs and services to help seniors stay physically and mentally healthy.

Stay connected: Find social, cultural, learning, volunteer and recreational programs to help seniors stay socially connected.

Stay safe: Get information on vaccines, community supports and protection from financial scams and fraud to help seniors stay safe.

Senior of the Year Award 

Each municipality has the opportunity to honour one of their outstanding local seniors for the contributions they have made to enrich the social, cultural, and civic life of their community.  Learn more about the award and how to submit a nomination online.

Seniors Active Living Centre Programs – Many Seniors Active Living Centre operators have developed programming for older adults to stay active and connected in their community. For more information about specific activities and services that are available, please connect with a Seniors Active Living Centre program near you.

A guide to programs and services for seniors – Find information on resources available for seniors in Ontario, including tax credits, health, caregiving, housing,

It is a pleasure at Promyse Home Care to be caregivers to the wonderful seniors who have been a benefit to our community for years. Our healthcare team is committed to keeping seniors living safely and independently at home. 

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