Nurse Case Management at Promyse Home Care

Nurse Case Managers at Promyse are compassionate and friendly,  provide open and honest ongoing communication, as well as regular re-assessments to make sure your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional needs are met.

Quality Care

Nurses bring to case management the knowledge and experience that is required for the process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

With the increased complexity of care needs, coordination and continuity and a strong grasp of patient care situations are required for sound decision-making.

The focus on prevention and education is beneficial to the health of patients and families. The shift from an illness-centred medical model to a focus on prevention and optimal health and well-being makes registered nurses particularly suitable for the case management role.

Case management service, delivered by a nurse, is paramount as our health care system changes and the needs of those receiving care become increasingly complex. Families need the assurance of a regulated professional, such as a registered nurse, to meet the needs of complex clients throughout the ongoing life cycle. 

What does a Promyse Nurse Case Manager do?

Our nurse case manager develops, implements, and reviews healthcare plans for our aging parents and loved ones that are recovering from serious injuries, or dealing with chronic illnesses.

Services provided by our Nurse Case Manager are at no additional charge. We will always be there for you as time goes on and as needs change.

An initial assessment will determine your parent or loved one’s needs. We will meet with you, your parent, and their health providers to get a complete sense of their medical history, previous experience with healthcare, immediate needs, and ongoing concerns.

We will coordinate the services needed to keep your parent or loved one safe, healthy, and living independently at home. That could be in-home care, companion care, or management of ongoing health concerns.

We work both within and outside of a hospital or medical facility and collaborate with doctors and other medical professionals to give comprehensive care that your parent or loved one needs.

We will facilitate the transition into the home, acquiring medical devices or equipment, ensuring doctor’s orders are followed, and scheduling physiotherapy, new medications, or treatments as needed.

We are always available to answer questions and meet with you and your loved ones to reassess their care management plan as needed.

The nurse case managers at Promyse are committed to keeping seniors living safely and independently at home. Contact us today to find out more about our services for your loved ones in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge.

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