In-Home Care help while on Long-Term Care Wait List

Many families caring for an aging parent or grandparent in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge may be considering the next step in the caregiving journey: applying for a bed in a Long-Term Care Home (LTC). Once their loved one qualifies and is accepted by the Waterloo-Wellington Local Health Integrated Network (WWLHIN), they will go onto a waiting list for a bed in one of the LTC Homes of their choice.

This is often a very stressful time for the family – the average wait time for a bed can vary anywhere between 30 days and 4 years, depending on the LTC homes you choose. During this waiting period, families often find it difficult to cope with meeting the increasing care needs of their loved ones. Promyse Home Care can help during this challenging time.

Long-term care facilities provide 24-hour resident-focused care for the elderly who need nursing care, behavioural support, dietetics and nutritional support, medical services, as well as social support. Beyond the wait to be accepted into resident care, once your loved one is accepted, sometimes the government-mandated minimum level of care just isn’t enough for many seniors.

Here are 5 ways in-home care can help while you or a loved one are on a waiting list for a long-term care facility.

1. Our trained Personal Support Workers can assist with your loved one’s growing personal care needs.

2. We can provide overnight care, which can be helpful for families experiencing “caregiver burnout.”

3. We can provide respite care for the families to give them a “break” from their caregiving duties.

4. Our caregivers can provide additional companionship and meaningful interaction for family members with dementia.

5. We can make life easier for families and their loved ones by helping them with an entire array of home support services like laundry, meal preparation and light housekeeping.

Benefits of In-Home Care

When it comes to long-term care, you need to find the right balance of comfort and simplicity for your needs – and in-home care provides both! Promyse Home Care provides compassionate elder care with in-home nursing services and can help families and their loved ones through this stressful time while helping seniors stay healthy in their own homes.

Aging, and the limitations that come with it, is a reality all of us must face. Whether considering long-term care options for a loved one or yourself, in-home care is much more accessible than you might think!

Personal Touch – An in-home caregiver provides the opportunity for completely customizable care, whether for specific types of meals, when and how to take medications, or what days and times their help is required. A one-on-one, personalized approach means you or your loved one won’t get lost in the group, and you can arrange your schedule based on your preferences or needs.

Your House, Your Rules – In a long-term care nursing home, you must change your lifestyle to fit the establishment. This means that your schedule will be largely planned out for you, your family will only be able to visit you at certain times, and you will have to adapt to sharing your space (sometimes even your room!) with many other people.

In-home care allows you to spend time in your own home, not a shared living space. Your family can visit and stay as much and as long as you choose, and your schedule is still your own.

Maintain Your Independence – There’s a significant loss of independence in long-term nursing homes. In addition to your time no longer being your own, you are forced to have everything done for you. With in-home care, you can have a caregiver help with specific things, like bathing, cooking, cleaning, buying groceries, and taking you to doctor’s appointments. An in-home caretaker helps you with the more challenging requirements, such as medication management, while allowing you to keep doing the things you can and enjoy doing.

The Cost

Many people perceive in-home care as too expensive – but the option for a customized approach means you can pick and choose the help you need, keeping you or your loved one cared for and staying in-budget. Remember also that staying in your own home makes you eligible for free government home care services.

The cost of very high levels of in-home care will undoubtedly be more than the cost of living in a Nursing Home; however, the psychological and emotional benefits of “aging in place” can be significant.

An in-home caretaker is a great option for you or your loved one to feel comfortable and independent in a budget-friendly, personalized way. It is important to keep in mind that certain changes to your home may be required to make this option possible. We recommend having a conversation with your in-home caregiving provider about small renovations like ramps and stair-lifts.

Promyse Home Care provides compassionate elder care with in-home nursing services that help seniors stay healthy at home.

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